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3 Simple Steps to Sell Inherited Houses or Land


01. Local Community Building

I'm a a reputable real estate investor with the "bigger picture" in mind. When I help you sell your home fast you can trust that I will work to renovate the properties for new homeowners while improving communities. I will make sure your home gets new life, love and memories. I'm not like the multi-state operators or real estate wholesalers. When you sell me your home, I renovate it myself and you're not paying for middlemen or corporate suits.

02. You're My Priority

Since I'm starting out again after closing my business in March 2020 in the height of the pandemic I have been renovating homes. Since I only do a limited amount of deals per year, I can offer you my full and complete attention to make sure your needs are met.

03. Guaranteed Cash Payout


When I offer you cash for your home you aren't getting something that is subject to the bank loans approval. What I offer you is exactly what you will get! I buy homes as is, so you will never have an extra dollar out of pocket, plus I pay all closing costs.

04. Fast Closing Times

How would you like to be paid as soon as a week? If you're one of the many who are selling your home to avoid foreclosure or selling an inherited property time is of the essence! That's why we can close in 14 days or less (if you need to!).

05. Save Thousands in Fees and Commissions

The thing that most don't know when you sell your home is all of the fees and expenses related to it. You can end up having to pay for repairs, a buyers agent fees and your selling agent commissions, plus lawyers, title insurance and even the overpriced $100-$200 courier fees - like sheesh!

06. Ethics Matter

Its important to keep in mind the reputation of the home buyers across the country. Some are ethical and some are not. Since I'm interested in buying your home to renovate myself I am not looking to assign these contracts. For more information on these practices contact me. I encourage you to get multiple quotes, simply because we are the best!

Sell Your House Without A Realtor, As Is, For Cash


We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no comissions or repairs and best of all don't clean. Fill Out Your Information Below For A Free Cash Offer Within 24 Hours or Less.

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