How Do I Sell My House Without An Agent In Virginia

Good news for you! Its a sellers market! Not only that, but I have this guide so you can avoid paying agent fees. You can use this to take it upon yourself to get your house sold without any annoying realtor fees.

Here is a step by step guide you can use to sell your house without a realtor in Virginia.

First lets take a look at the process of selling a house without an agent in VA. There is a reason real estate agents charge their fees to sell your home in Virginia. Not all are great at their job, but they all try to have your best interests in mind. Some will make you do their work for them, and some will go leaps and bounds of what is expected. There is a lot of work to sell your home without a realtor, so having one can certainly be helpful and its important not to rule it out from the start.

However, with our guidance and direction this is not only doable but you can skip the tens of thousands of dollars in realtor fees and commissions.

Our 13 Tips to Success with Selling Your Home Without an Agent in Virginia

  1. Pay For a Home Inspection

  2. Take A Look At Your Competitors

  3. Fix What Needs to Be Fixed

  4. Put in the Sweat Equity

  5. Clean Up

  6. Know Your Home's Value in The Marketplace

  7. Price Your House Right

  8. Hire A Staging Company or Do It Yourself

  9. Hire A Professional Photographer

  10. Market Your Property

  11. Check the Virginia State Laws and Regulations

  12. Learn About The Difference of Types of Contracts

  13. Master The Art of Negotiating

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