Selling Your Virginia Home Can Be A Quick And Easy Process

Are you a homeowner in need of money or a fast sale? We Buy Houses RVA is a local company that buys properties in Virginia for cash. You may be asking yourself, 

“Why should I sell my home to this company instead of listing it on the open market?”

First, we will buy your house as-is without any repairs or upgrades required. Second, selling your home to us can save money because we don’t charge commissions or closing costs like real estate companies do.

We Buy Houses RVA’s Quick Process

Selling a house through traditional methods is an excellent way to make a profit on the sale. However, if your home’s not in perfect condition or you don’t have months for the complete process from placing it on the market to the closing, you might prefer to sell your house to We Buy Houses RVA.

Here’s how the process works:


Get a fair offer within 24 hours


Pick the date you want to close


Sell on your terms. Close quickly

Step 1

Fill out our form to give us basic information about your house. We’ll take a look at your home and make you an offer if they are interested in buying it. If they’re not interested, there’s no charge for this service.

Step 2

If We Buy Houses RVA wants to make the purchase, we’ll make you a cash offer. You don’t have to negotiate or haggle with us because we’re already offering you the best price possible based on the condition. Keep in mind that we buy houses in Virginia as-is, and the offers are often below market because of repairs needed. After buying your home, we make the necessary repairs.

Step 3

After you accept the sale’s price, we’ll agree to a closing date. On the specified day, a representative will meet you at your house to close on the property and provide you with a check for the agreed-upon price. It’s that simple!

We make the process of selling your home as easy as possible. We Buy Houses RVA will take care of the rest, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about as you move forward with the next stage of your adventure.

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Why Sell Your Richmond House?

Carrying a liability loan on your home and paying for repairs and renovations can become an extensive undertaking. If you want to buy another home, you might need to refinance to free up cash for renovations to make your property appealing to buyers. But if you sell your house to us, you don’t need to worry about repairs and upgrades. Also, you won’t have a monthly mortgage payment holding you back from relocating to another area or sticking around but upsizing or downsizing to meet new situations in your life.

Instead of shelling out all that extra cash, sell your house quickly with us. We buy houses in Richmond as-is, so we don’t need any renovations before purchase your home.

We Buy Homes As-Is

When you sell a house through traditional channels, you must prepare it for sale. This process often includes making upgrades and finding reputable companies to fix any issues with the property so that it is marketable. If your home has been neglected or isn’t worth what it would cost to make all those necessary repairs, we can buy your house without any extensive work needed in the present. 

Once we buy your home, we will make all the critical repairs to make it fit for sale or use as a rental property. This advantage means you won’t have to worry about inspections and costly renovations before getting cash in your pocket! Since this process usually takes three or four months, selling to us will save you time and money.

We Buy Richmond Houses No Matter Your Situation

Even if your house is not in perfect condition, we might be able to help you. We buy houses in Richmond for cash in any situation, with or without significant repairs. Our company can buy homes that are: 

  • Unlivable and not up to code.
  • Fire damaged. 
  • In poor condition.
  • With problem tenants. 
  • Inherited property.

We Buy Houses RVA is the premier company for selling your house for cash in Richmond, VA and surrounding cities. We work with homeowners throughout the area who are interested in selling their homes fast without any hassle or headache.

sell inherited house
sell inherited house

sell inherited house
No matter the condition of the home, our local contracting team is able to fix it up. Whether its full of junk, dirty, or facing foreclosure we’re able to buy your house fast!

How We Make a Fair Offer

We Buy Houses RVA has a team of experienced professionals who can make an offer on your house within 24 hours. We will also use our knowledge of the market to determine an accurate offer based on comparable properties in the area. In addition, we can help you with any lien or title issues that might be holding up the process.

We calculate your offer based on the condition of the property minus repairs, junk removal and any costs with the renovation of the property.

If your house is worth $300,000 when it is fixed up, but requires $50,000 in repairs you can expect an offer of $182,500 from our team. Compare that with an on market offer from an investor at $169,725. Plus we guarantee your offer, with no haggling, a set day for closing and your check also!

Our Offer:
Future Selling Price $300,000
Selling Costs 10% $30,000
Repairs Necessary $50,000
Profit Margin 12.5% $37,500
Your Offer $182,500

Selling on Market:
Future Selling Price $300,000
Selling Costs 10% $30,000
Repairs Necessary $50,000
Profit Margin of 12.5% $37,500
Your Offer $182,500
Your Agent Costs 6%
Your Closing Costs 1%
Your Proceeds on “Market” $169,725

Our formula is simple and straightforward. You are able to get the most out of your property’s worth while avoiding any middleman costs.

Please note these are not exact, and are not an actual offer. Its just an example, and I’d be more than happy to walk you through our offer based on repairs necessary in person. We keep it all transparent for you so you know that we are able to run our business ethically, and you are able to maximize your property’s potential.

Alex was very personable, and was doing some great renovation work. The house is going to look awesome!

Do You Want Fast Cash? We Can Buy Your Richmond Home Quickly

Contact us for a no-obligation offer today!

We Buy Houses RVA provides the ultimate solution to selling your home fast in Central Virginia. No listing fees. No agent commissions (6% in most Virginia markets). Quick and painless closing since we pay closing costs. The best part is I am a local homebuyer in Richmond so I can offer everything the bloated We Buy Houses companies while still ensuring your home will have a future lifetime of happiness, love and memories for a new family renovated with a local building team.

We Buy Houses in Virginia. Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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