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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we receive about buying houses for cash in Richmond and our answers.

Will you be listing my house on the MLS or buying it?

We’re not real estate agents, and we don’t list houses. We Buy Houses RVA buy houses directly from homeowners—we close quickly, usually within 30 days. We buy houses in Richmond and the surrounding areas, including Charlottesville, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg, Henrico, Newport News, Williamsburg, Hopewell, and Petersburg.

Do you pay fair prices for properties?

That’s an excellent question. After reviewing your home, an agent will contact you to explain the value and the amount of cash we’re offering for your property. We Buy Houses RVA’s goal is to make sure that we pay fair prices for houses and complete the transaction efficiently and smoothly for all parties involved. 

However, most of the homes we purchase are below market value, which means we’ll negotiate a fair deal. We buy houses in Richmond and the surrounding areas to resell to another party at a profit. Sometimes we update the property to improve the sales value or renovate it and rent it to qualified individuals.

How do you determine the price to offer on my house?

We determine the offer price by considering the location, condition of the house, necessary repairs, and value compared to other homes sold in your area recently. We will sit down with you and go over all aspects of your property so we can make an accurate assessment. 

However, remember, we’re giving you the as-is price. You won’t need to paint walls, replace the flooring, or make any changes to your home. Just sign the sales contract, take the cash, and move on to the next stage of your life.

I need to sell my house fast, how long will it take?

We work quickly and can close deals fast. Without loans and multiple parties involved, we can hand you a check as soon as you accept the offer. We Buy Houses RVA buy all types of houses, whether it’s a foreclosure, inherited home, vacant property, or derelict. Stop worrying about your property—skip upgrades, closing costs, and real estate agent’s commissions—we make selling your house easy!

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I’m in foreclosure. Will you still buy my home?

Yes. We can buy your house, no matter its condition or situation—we have the cash to buy any property. We’ll close fast so you can avoid foreclosure and pay your mortgage. However, please keep in mind that our offer might not be enough to pay the total balance, and you may have to make other arrangements for the balance.

Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?

No. Our company’s a cash buyer, so there are no commissions or fees involved. We make the process simple and easy—we don’t run credit checks, there are no finance companies to deal with because we buy houses for cash. We don’t expect appraisals because we assess the home’s value before making the offer. 

We Buy Houses RVA is a no-hassle, no-obligation company that offers fast sales. We help homeowners in Richmond and surrounding areas get out of challenging situations quickly. After the sale, we put it on the market later or use it as a rental. We Buy Houses RVA is the best solution for homeowners who need to sell their homes fast.

How are you different from a real estate agent?

We’re not real estate agents. Additionally, we’re not a nationwide company. We’re family-owned and operated, local home buyers that purchase homes as-is to renovate and resell at a profit. We don’t list houses on the MLS, and we won’t take a percentage of your sale price. If you have time to go through a real estate agency and the money for renovations and a sales commission to the agents, there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route for selling your home. 

However, we’re providing a service that allows you to sell your house fast. It’s not uncommon for a same-day offer, and we assume full risk for your property. This option is excellent for people in foreclosure or those that need to relocate quickly.

More importantly, our company is a reliable option when you need to sell your home quickly. We have a long history of buying property and fair practices in the community. We buy houses for cash in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton Roads. Once we agree to a price and sign a sales contract, all you need to do is move out and leave the rest to us.

How are you different from other companies that will buy my home?

Many companies will buy your home, but We Buy Houses RVA is different in one significant way—we are a local company that’s part of the community and centered on integrity and honesty. We’ve spent years building a reputation of fairness with homeowners, tenants, landlords, investors, and real estate agents in Richmond and surrounding areas. We take pride in purchasing homes for cash quickly without a hassle. To improve your experience, we’ve streamlined the process. This improvement helps reduce the seller’s stress during an already stressful time. 

What happens to my home after you buy it?

Depending on the condition, we’ll renovate it and sell your house fast, or depending on the market saturation, keep it as a rental. We’ll buy your home as-is, so you won’t need to worry about doing any renovations or repairs before the sale. Once we’ve agreed on a sales price and signed a sales contract, you’ll only need to move out of the house.

Is there any obligation when I submit my information?

There is no obligation and our offer is 100% free. We Buy Houses RVA wants to help in any way we can, but only if the seller agrees to the sales contract and accepts our offer. If you don’t want to move forward with selling your home, we won’t pressure you to change your mind. However, if you disagree with our assessment, we’ll be happy to hear your grievances.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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