Do People Buy Ugly Houses in Richmond, VA?

A large house in need of renovations. It has potential but needs repainting, porch repairs, new windows, and possibly foundation work.
Don’t spend your time or money on ugly houses—Sell for cash in Richmond VA

The stories vary, but they all end the same—the homeowner is ready to sell, but the house isn’t. Perhaps it’s too much of a hassle and cost to update, and the area may have gone downhill or need too many repairs. Some homeowners may choose to sell their home “as is” to real estate investors in cases like these. When you look at all the options, it may make more sense to sell your home to a company in Richmond, VA that will buy ugly houses.

Hire a Real Estate Agent Vs. Sell Your Home For Cash

You may not have thought about it until now. But you’re ready to sell your home, whether it’s moving for a job, downsizing, or retiring—but your house isn’t prepared to deal. 

You have choices to make, and they all come down to what’s best for you—go with investors that buy ugly houses, go with a realtor to find people who buy houses that pay fair market for homes that need renovations or make changes to help sell your house fast or use it as a rental property.

Update and Renovate:

If you want to get the most money for your home, and it’s in good condition, then updating and renovating is an option to turn distressed properties into bestsellers. But with the home’s market slowing down, it can also be a risky proposition. 

A room in the middle or renovations with a ladder and paint.
We buy ugly houses for cash. Leave the work to us.

You’ll need to factor in how much time this will take (and money) and how long you’ll live in the home post-renovation.

Keep in mind that with rising interest rates and fewer houses available, the hot real estate market you saw from 2020 to 2021 is slowing down fast. You could make all the repairs and upgrades and be stuck with a house that’s not in demand or no longer meets your needs.

Sell As-Is:

This is where investors can help. Companies that buy ugly houses pay a fair price, but it won’t be fair market value. 

When you choose a cash company to get your property sold, you get a hassle-free process to avoid open houses for a quick sale that’s not a rip-off. It’s based on the value minus the renovations needed. You’ll likely net more cash upfront selling to real estate investment groups, but you may also miss out on your home’s future appreciation.

You won’t have to worry about any updates, and you can move on from home quickly—often in as little as seven days. We recommend this option if you don’t have the money, time, or patience to update and renovate your home.

The choice is ideal for specific situations, such as:

Divorce Settlements

A divorce certificate.
Move on with your life faster after a divorce. Sell your ugly house for cash.

When couples divorce, selling the home and splitting the proceeds is often the simplest solution. Most times, it’s part of the decree that the home must be sold. Former couples want a fast and fair transaction, and they don’t want the headache of updates or renovations. They often choose companies that buy ugly houses to complete the transaction fast with a cash offer to avoid the delays of the traditional home selling process.

Inherited Property

When you’ve inherited a home, you may not want or can keep it. Selling it as is to an investor can be the quickest and easiest way to get rid of ugly homes. 

You don’t have to worry about updates or the expenses associated with traditional home sellers’ options, such as closing costs and spending more money on realtors’ fees. You can also receive your cash offer minus repair costs and closing date in as little as seven days.

Job Relocation

If you’re moving for a new job, a quick sale and efficiency are probably at the top of your list. Investors who buy ugly houses can make a cash offer quickly, and you can be out of your old home and into your new one before you know it.


When facing foreclosure, selling your home as is to an investor can be a way to avoid the process. While you won’t get all the money you need, a cash offer can help you avoid the stigma of a foreclosure on your credit report and make it easier to rebuild. 

It’s also a way to get some cash in your hand quickly.


Downsizing for retirement can be an uphill task. You want to get rid of the big, ugly home, but you don’t want to take a loss on it. 

A retired couple walking barefoot along the beach.
Enjoy retirement. Leave the ugly house to a company that specializes in buying and selling houses for cash in VA.

Selling as is to an investor can help you avoid that and other unpleasant tasks, such as open houses and dealing with multiple buyers. You may not get as much money as you would if you renovated, but you’ll get something, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

There are several reasons homeowners may want to sell their homes for cash. You may deal with an ugly house that needs extensive repairs and renovations. 

Or you may not have the time or money to update and renovate your home. In any of these cases, selling as is to an investor can be a viable option.

Hire a Real Estate Agent:

When your home is ready to sell, you’ll have two more choices: Hire a realtor or try the sale by owner option.

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Skip the costs of a realtor with a cash sale in VA.

Both options have pros and cons.

Why Hire a Realtor?

Hiring a realtor is the traditional way to sell your home. You’ll have an agent who will list your home on the MLS (multiple listing service), take care of all the marketing, and handle all the negotiations.

One benefit to hiring an agent is that they have a pool of potential non-cash buyers. And, with a hot real estate market, your home may sell fast. 

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that the agent is working for you and has a fiduciary responsibility to get you the best deal.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hiring a Realtor?

The disadvantages of hiring an agent are that you’ll have to pay them a commission—typically 6% of the sale price. You may also be responsible for their marketing expenses, which can run into thousands of dollars. When you go through a traditional sale, you’re also stuck paying closing costs and may get stuck with hidden expenses that you don’t have to worry about with a cash offer from people who buy houses that aren’t in perfect condition.

Another disadvantage is that your home may not sell right away. Your home will be one of many on the market in a hot open market, and it may get lost in the shuffle. 

You’ll also have to continue paying the mortgage and property taxes while your home is on the market.

Why Should You Use the Sell By Owner Option?

The sell by owner (SBO) option is when you list your home yourself and don’t use an agent. One benefit of using this option is that you won’t have to pay any commission. You’ll also control the marketing, which gives you more flexibility.

What Are the Disadvantages of Selling By Owner?

The disadvantages of using the SBO option are that you’ll have to do all the work yourself, including showing your home, negotiating with buyers, and processing the paperwork. You also won’t have the same pool of potential buyers if you use real estate agents. This choice is not hassle-free, can make it hard to sell your house fast, and you’re unlikely to see cash offers going this way instead of a company that will buy houses for cash.

Can You Sell “As-Is” With Real Estate Agents?

Yes, but this situation leaves you with more stress and less profit. An “as-is” sale with a realtor doesn’t forgo all realtor commissions, time, and other unpleasant cases involving a mortgage or cash buyer. 

For example, if you’re in a hurry to sell and have repairs that need to be made, an agent can help speed up the process; going with an “as-is” sale could mean that ugly houses languish on the market for months.

Companies that buy ugly houses for cash in Richmond, VA, don’t care about any of these things. They will give you a price for your home, with no expensive repairs, renovations, real estate commissions, or waiting for the perfect cash buyer. Of course, as with any transaction, complete your due diligence and read we buy ugly houses reviews for companies that pay cash in Virginia.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and don’t want to deal with any hassles, companies that buy ugly houses are the best option for you. To learn more, contact us today!

Are Businesses that Buy Ugly Houses Legit?

Yes! Many reputable businesses buy homes for cash, regardless of their condition. We’re one of them! We buy houses with all-cash offers. 

We are a company that can buy ugly houses in Richmond VA. We offer our services to homeowners who need to sell quickly and don’t want the hassle of renovations or repairs. Also, we buy houses in most conditions—read our we buy ugly houses reviews today and call to find out how you can save money on everything from closing costs to real estate commissions. 

A pile of $100 bills.
Walk away with cash and less stress.

When you choose to go with repair value over market value, choose a company after reading its buy ugly houses reviews.

Why Do People Buy Ugly Houses?

There are a few reasons people might buy an ugly house. Maybe they want to fix it up and make it their own, or they need to sell quickly and don’t want to deal with any repairs or renovations. We buy ugly houses for two reasons:

Flip and Sell

We Buy Houses RVA is a legitimate company that makes a cash offer to buy ugly houses in Richmond VA, to flip and sell them for a modest profit. TV shows like “Flip or Flop” and “Fixer Upper” have popularized this business model. 

While this may be a more risky investment, it can also be profitable when you have experience. We don’t recommend this option for first-time investors.

Fix and Rent

We don’t sell all the ugly houses we buy. Some of them we fix up and rent out to tenants. Again, this is an option if you want to put the money and time into your property. It’s a slower process than flipping, but it can be more profitable in the long run.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and don’t want the hassle of renovations or repairs, then We buy houses in Richmond VA is the best option for you. Read our buy ugly houses reviews from satisfied homeowners.

Contact us today to learn more about why and how we buy ugly houses in Virginia!

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