About Us


There aren't many of us to the team, in fact its just me Alex, and my furry assistant, Cooper. We'll call him head of customer satisfaction, shall we?


I'm a 29 year old native to Richmond and originally started my entrepreneurial career as a home flipper in 2015. Itstarted a slew of ideas that I ran for 5 years including most recently a personal training studio that closed in March of 2020 when Covid struck. After that I rejoined the trade I loved, but I saw a lot of problems and things that struck a nerve. I decided the best way to fix this was to do it myself and have been happily helping renovate my local Richmond community.


One of the things about me is I'm a local home buyer. Many of the home buyers in Richmond are multi state operations or wholesalers - each with their own set of problems. What I offer is my word and the reputation to work with you on anything you need to accomplish your goals. The fact is - selling your home to a homebuyer like myself - may not actually be the best option. You may be better off starting with a real estate agent on the MLS or working with someone else. As a former financial representative I can help you go through your options based on your needs (time to close, cash, repairs needed etc) so you can make the decsion for you. That is my ethical obligation to you. So what is there to lose? Lets talk by clicking the link below.

Sell Your House Without A Realtor, As Is, For Cash


We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no comissions or repairs and best of all don't clean. Fill Out Your Information Below For A Free Cash Offer Within 24 Hours or Less.